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Bungee jumping is leaping from a fixed location such as a crane, platform, bridge, or cliff and breaking the fall with a bungee cords—an elastic-type rope—that is attached to the ankles. Jumps take place from heights of 25 to 200 m (80 to 650 ft). After the jumper begins falling, the bungee cord pays out behind the jumper's feet. When it is fully extended, the cord breaks the jumper's fall, stretching to minimize the jolt of the stop. The United States Bungee Association (USBA) estimates that more than 7 million bungee jumps have been made since the late 1980s, making bungee jumping one of the most popular extreme sports. Bungee jumping is most commonly done from specially designed platforms and under the supervision of a licensed company. It is considered one of the least dangerous activities of the extreme sports. The ultimate thrill of a bungee jumping can now be experienced in Nepal at one of the best sites in the world. Nepal's first bungee jumping site is situated 160 meters over River Bhote Koshi. The site is located close to the Nepal-Tibet border and is a three-hour bus ride from Kathmandu. A package tour including the jump with bus ride to the site and lunch can be arranged from Kathmandu. Nepalese are entitled to a 30 percent discount. Accommodation and other facilities are available in Barhabise.



Rates 2015



Activity day trips bungy or swing day trip bungy & swing day trip tandem day trip canyoning day trip rafting day trip

high ropes day trip

bungy & canyoning trip

















bungy or swing only tandem only













go & see day trip                                   18

Overnight packages                             euro

relax at the resort (1 night)                   50

relax & bungy or swing (1 night)         105

relax & tandem (1 night)                       190

relax & rafting (1 night / 1 day)           75

relax & rafting (1 night / 2 days)         80

relax & rafting & bungy (1 night)         140

relax & canyoning (1 night / 1 day)    85

relax & canyoning (1 night / 2 days)  130

relax & canyoning (2 nights / 2 days)             160

relax & canyoning & bungy (1 night)  140

relax & high ropes (1 night / 1 day)   80

relax & mountain biking (1 night)        70

relax & hiking (1 night)                         55

relax & massage (1 night)                    72

Yatra Nepal

......gateway to Nepal....


extra bungy or swing                       40

canyoning only [day 1]                   50

canyoning only [day 2]                   70

mountain biking only                      35

high ropes only                               45

family fun                                          40

hiking guide fee                               5

massage 1 hour                               22

sauna                                                5



Rates mentioned are per person. Activity day trips include transport and lunch. Overnight packages include transport, accommodation and all meals. Accommodation is in 2 person tents and 4 person tents for groups and families.


For multi-day trekking in the beautiful area around the resort or special family, school or corporate packages please contact The Last Resort Sales Office


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