Hearty welcome to Federal Democratic Republic, Nepal. We the Yatra Nepal Tours and Travel family, extend our warmest greetings to you. We invite you to discover the Himalaya as we have discovered it. There is nothing on earth like an adventure in the Himalaya and making your adventure tour success is our specialty. We take pride in our high quality personal service, professional and friendly approach, providing well organized, enjoyable and successful Nepal Tour, Nepal Trek and Tibet Tour that goes beyond the standard travel itinerary, giving all those who travel with us a deeper insight to the land and its people.


The key point of our success in Tour and Travel industry is our team members hard work and determination. The company with a keen sense of hospitality is well known to those who have spent their holidays in Nepal and Tibet with us. We think of ways to make your stay with us more enjoyable. Those who have experienced Nepal with us once have attached with us as our family member.


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Our Daily Departure Adventure Activities

  • Mountain Flight

    Location: Kathmandu  US $: 203.00

    Mountain flights offer passengers a spectacular view of the Himalayan peaks.

  • Ultra Light Aircraft

    Location: Kathmandu       € : 75.00

    Ultra light adventure flight is done in a famous and beautiful Pokhara city of Nepal.

  • Cycling

    Location: Kathmandu   US $: 75.00

    The most thrilling adventure of the mountain biking on one of the most difficult trials

  • Rafting

    Location: Trisuli River   US $: 30.00

    Nepal is a country of turbulent rivers descending further and fasterthan anywhere else

  • Bungy Jumping

    Location: Last Resort   US $: 98.00

    Bungee jumping is leaping from a fixed location such as a crane, platform, bridge, or clif

  • Paragliding

    Location: Pokhara   US $: 150.00

    Paragliding in Pokhara city of Nepal gives an opportunity for aerial view of the Himalayas.

  • Zip Flyer

    Location: Pokhara   US $: 65.00

    Zip flyer in Pokhara city Nepal has been operated since 2012. It is an exciting ultimate

  • Paragliding

    Location: Kathmandu    US $: 85.00

    Paragliding in Kathmandu is done in the Godavari village of Lalitpur district.

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