KATHMANDU - DHAKA - KATHMANDU Direct Bus: Bangladesh to Nepal direct bus service has come to an operation after three years agreement. Four countries - Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal has signed agreement for direct bus service in 2015. Bhutan, however, has not signed this agreement yet. The bus from Bangladesh operated on 23 April from Dhaka and arrives Nepal, kakarvitta on 26 April. After the BBIN agreement, the Asian Development Bank has been upgrading the road connecting Nepal, India, Bhutan and Bangladesh as the Asian Highway. Dhaka to Kathmandu is approximately 1200 kilometers drive. It will take around 46 hours to reack Kathmandu from Dhaka. A protocol is expected to be signed on the basis of the delegation's report for launching a regular and direct bus service between Dhaka and Kathmandu.

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