Superman Zip Line in Kathmandu


Superman Zip Line has now started in Kathmandu. The zip line has its launch pad at Thalke Dada of Dhulikhel and its landing station is at Khawa of Pachkhal. This adventure sports Superman Zip line can be experienced by domestic and international tourist who pass through Araniko Highway. This Superman Zip like is at 2300 meters having horizontal distance of 2200 meters and a vertical drop of 73 meters from the starting launch pad. This Superman zip line is built using Australian and Indian technology. The Superman Zip Line takes 1 min 20 sec maximum to complete a distance of 1100 meters. Its flight speed is 60 to 95 kilometers per hour.




General Facts of Superman Zip Line in Kathmandu:
Starting From: Thalke Dada, Dhulikhel.
Ending at: Khawa, Pachkhal.
Minimum Group size: 1 people.
Flyer Duration: 1 minutes 20 seconds maximum.
Season : Round the year.
Trip Code:SMZL 000149.



Videos and picture of your ride will be made available after finishing your trip. You need to book it before you begin your Superman Zip Line.