Ways to Apply for Tibet Visa.

1. If you entre Tibet via Mainland China such as Beijing, Chengdu, Xian, Xinding etc or any other city of china you need o take individual chinese visa in your own country.


2. If you enter Tibet via Nepal then your chinese visa processing will be done in Kathmandu. Your local tour operator will arrange a group paper visa for you on the basis of Tibet Travel permit.


Documents Required for Tibet Visa

1. Color Permit.

2. Original Passport (should be valid for atleast 06 months).

3. Visa application form with full information (without using T Pecs or scratch).

4. Recent colored M. R. P size Photo (No Passport Developed Photo).

5. Official visa request cover letter from Travel Agent.

6. Recent china visa copy (If valid china visa available in a passport).

7. Clear passport photo copy.


Tibet Group Visa Fees for different nationals


Nepali Citizens: US $ 48 per person.

US Citizens: US $ 185 per person.

Canadian Citizens: US $ 125 per person.

For europeans and others: US $ 85 per person.


As per current chinese immigration rules it requires minimum 3 working days to apply for Tibet Group Visa.


We also provide Tibet visa assistance service. Our service charge for Tibet Visa processing is US $ 30 per person.